The shopping mall “IKSPIARI” in the Tokyo Disney resort is the exciting spot wherever you may walk along. “IKSPIARI” has variegated shops and restaurants, so just “IKSPIARI, you can enjoy yourself throughout the day.
Recommendation is the miscellaneous-goods shops especially. There are many characteristic miscellaneous-goods shops. Among them, there are the shop which is holding the workshop. Since there is also a workshop which can participate with child, let’s investigate in advance by all means.


Moreover, it’s Disney store that you should drop in by all means in IKSPIARI. Disney store in IKSPIARI is a little different from other Disney stores. Its feature is the biggest size in Japan. Many “limited goods of IKSPIARI store” are sold inside of the shop which used Hollywood as the motif.


There is the movie theater as “CINEMA IKSPIARI” in IKSPIARI. The circumference of the movie theater is structure like streets of Broadway. Moreover, the way to this movie theater is very pleasant. Since it passes along inside with various shops, you may want to stop along the way. The event may be performed on the stage which exists on the way.


When you advance towards the inside more slightly from CINEMA IKSPIARI, there is the Rainforest Cafe on the right side. There are the animals which move like the real thing in the store. A meal is the restaurant which can be enjoyed in the store like a jungle. It is a restaurant which can enjoy a meal on the inside like a jungle. There are various menus, such as pizza, a pasta, and a dessert.


Area is divided by nine themes and IKSPIARI is creating the atmosphere which is completely different in each.
You can take a walk while enjoying the atmosphere of each 9 themes.



Address:Maihama 1-4 Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031 Japan
Access:JR Keiyo-sen Line “Maihama-eki Station” (6 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 47-305-2525
Price:Admission free
Official site:http://www.ikspiari.com/

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