Kitkat Chocolatory Ginza, Tokyo

The Kitkat Specialty Store “Kitkat Chocolatory Ginza” in Ginza, Tokyo has been renewed completely in 2017. In addition to opening as a cafe store, we sell new products for a limited time.
“Kitkat Chocolatory” is a Kitkat specialty shop where Yasumasa Takagi, also known as best pastry chef, owner of “Le Patissier Takagi” supervises the whole thing. It has gained popularity as a store offering premium Kitkat using carefully selected materials.

Ginza main store opened as a flagship store in February 2017, but it has renewed for many shoppers from domestic and overseas to enjoy the luxurious feeling unique to “Chocolatory”. It seems that this shop will continue to develop new menus, services and projects in the future.

“Sushi KitKat”, which was given as commemoration to the time of open in February, molded rice puffs into “Shari” (boiled rice, but referring to sushi rice at sushi shops), and put KitKat, which looked like sushi it is. It was what the chocolate craftsman made carefully one by one. Three set of raspberry tuna, sea urchin taste Hokkaido melon and pumpkin pudding eggs were wrapped in bamboo skins like authentic sushi.

“KitKat Gateau Mignon” is KitKat that uses fondant au chocolat and can taste the new texture “moist and crispy feeling”. The fondant au chocolat being used is said to arrange “Gateau Takagi” which the Takagi chef had completed over 8 years. This is sold until the end of October 2017.

About 30 seats of cafe space are newly opened on the 2nd floor of “Kitkat Chocolatory Ginza” along Ginza Marronnier Street, Ginza 3-chome. In addition to the table seat, there is also a counter seat so it seems to drop in freely by yourself.


Name:Kitkat Chocolatory Ginza
Address:Ginza 3-7-2 Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
Access:Tokyo Metro Yurakucho-sen Line “Ginza-Icchome-eki Station” (3 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-6228-6285
Price/Charge:Cafe Menu
Official site:

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