Ninja Akasaka, Tokyo

“NINJA AKASAKA” in Akasaka, Tokyo is an entertainment restaurant where ninja hospitality. The interior that imaged the ninja house is a series of surprises, popular for foreign guests, children and ladies’ dinner. The cuisine served by the chef who studied in each field is not only a tribute, but also a taste is excellent.

The store has an appearance based on black, with seats totaling 157 seats in all. There are 20 rooms in a private room. In the space which reproduced the ninja house, the ninja performs hospitality with all of their might. You are guided to the seat by a suddenly appearing ninja, and as you walk along the practice path in the darkness, the road runs out, and the bridge comes down from the top, etc., it will be amazed by the production being deployed one after another.

Ninja will take you to the “Ninja no Sato” (restaurant) along with the staff’s calling. And it is just entertainment that the ninja will fully utilize the spells and the ninjutsu to clear the difficulty standing in front of you.

It is attracting attention to stunning directing and a mechanism to cook, but this restaurant does not negate the taste of dishes.
Kaiseki cuisine (Originally, it is the dishes developed based upon the tea ceremony), Sushi, French, Italian, pastry chefs who worked in various fields wield their skills. In addition, at the judging meeting that they do their own 4 times a year, experts in each field will be appointed to the judges, and only the dishes that have passed carefully selected judgment will be offered at this restaurant.

“NINJA AKASAKA” that there are nearly 50 ninjas. 60% of them are “Kunoichi” (it means females Ninja). Moreover, if it is about explanation of cooking everyone can explain in English. Why don’t you visit when you visit nearby?


Name:Ninja Akasaka
Address:Nagatacho 2-14-3 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014 Japan
Access:Tokyo Metro Ginza-en Line “Akasakamitsuke-eki Station” (3 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-5157-3936
Official site:

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