NIPPONIA Sasayama Castle Town Hotel, Hyogo

Based on the concept of “whole castle town as one hotel” including Sasayama Castle”, four vacant houses including the old private house for more than 100 years have been refurbished as accommodation facilities, restaurants, etc. were born in Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture. That’s Sasayama Castle Town Hotel “NIPPONIA”.

Hyogo Prefecture Sasayama City is a castle town centering on the Sasayama Castle. It is an attraction of the 400-year-old town which flourished as a key hub of traffic between Kyoto and Sanin area and Sanyo area. There are many historically valuable buildings in this area, from the one in the Meiji era exceeding 100 years in history to the one in the Showa era, and there are multiple designated areas as preserved districts for nationally designated traditional buildings. In the outskirts, rural areas that nurture rich food culture such as Tamba chestnuts, Tamba black bean, Tamba matsutake mushroom, Botannabe (wild boar meat cooked in a flat pan) are spreading.

“NIPPONIA” is an effort to renovate an old private house left in various places in Japan, to accommodation facilities and restaurants, and to rebuild it as a complex accommodation facility that can sense the culture and history of the land. Currently, other than Tamba Sasayama, there are the hotel that has rebuilt an old private house in Takeda castle town in the Tajima region of Hyogo prefecture, and Auberge which refurbished the bank which is Toyooka’s national registered tangible cultural property.

This Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA has five accommodation buildings dotted in the castle town of Sasayama. These are the four buildings (ONAE, SAWASIRO, NOZI, SION) named after “Chrysanthemum” which has long been involved with Sasayama since long ago and the SYOUZI-AN, which was produced by Japanese product designer Toshiyuki Kita.
The reception and restaurant are in the ONAE building. When the guests complete the check-in at the ONAE building, they go to each accommodation building while touching the air in the castle town where the local shops line up.

In the castle town where the honor was everlasting, which is the knee of Sasayama Castle remains, there are many buildings left an old look. Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA, you can actually stay and feel the atmosphere of the old-fashioned town with the skin. The attitude to keep old things safe. Sasayama’s castle town, which marks the 400th anniversary, will become an accommodation facility and will appeal to the mind of our modern people.


Name:NIPPONIA Sasayama Castle Town Hotel
Address:Nishimachi 25 Sasayama, Hyogo 669-2342 Japan
Access:JR Fukuchiyama-sen Line “Shinoyamaguchi-eki Station” (15 minutes by bus)
Tel:0120-210-289 (NIPPONIA General Window)
Price/Charge:There are many accommodation plans.
Please refer the resevation web page.
Official site:

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