G.Itoya (Stationary shop), Tokyo

“Ginza, Itoya” of the store specializing in stationery founded in 1904. The store name was changed into “G. Itoya” and it has been reborn to the store which not only buys a thing, but also can have various experiences in 2015. As well as ready-made stationery, it has a lot of products such as travel goods, original brand-name products and home goods. In the building with 12 stories above ground from the first basement level, every floor has the each theme.
The second-floor section called “SHARE” has the communication-related items including a letter paper, a postcard a envelope.


Many tourists seem to come to G.Itoya, which about 1,200 kinds of compact and high-quality pens and pencils gather, for a souvenir every day.
For a visitor’s request such as “want to choose ‘the thing which not only a design is good, but also the utility had’”, in “DESK” section of the third floor, you can try to use all of 1,200 or more sorts of pens and pencils.


“Takeo Mihoncho at Itoya” of the seventh floor is a specialty store of the paper that “Takeo”, which is the specialized trading company of the paper started in 1899, and Itoya collaborated.
Here, the paper exceeding 1,000 kinds is dealt with and the paper concierge gives advice.


Furthermore, the wrapping paper and craft paper of the various kind are dealt with by “CRAFT” section of the eighth floor. Among them, “Washi” (the Japanese paper) is extreme popularity for a visit to Japan tourist. It will be nice If you use it for packing of a souvenir.


Moreover, hydroponics of the vegetables is carried out on the 11th floor. In the cafe restaurant on the 12th floor, you can also eat the harvested vegetables.



Name:G.Itoya (Stationary shop)
Address:Ginza 2-7-15 Chuo, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
Access:Tokyo Metro Yurakucho-sen Line “Ginza Icchome-eki Station” (1 minute walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-3561-8311
Official site:http://www.ito-ya.co.jp/

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