Marugoto Nippon, Tokyo

In new famous place “Marugoto Nippon” in Asakusa opened in 2015, you can feel “the Masterpieces of Hometown” of various places of Japan. It is the first-floor “Nippon Food Market Rakuichi” which you can enjoy sampling various kinds of food, and the fourth-floor “Cafeteria Street of Hometown Enmichi” which can taste good cheer in various places is especially popular.
The dish using “local ingredients” of every place can be experienced, and the handicraft can be touched. In the “Marugot Nippon”, you can right enjoy the whole Japan.

It was opened on Descember, 2015 under the concept of “‘introducing the genuine gem that used a great amount of effort and time’, ‘hidden local specialty of all over the country’ and ‘connecting Japanese good old tradition and food culture and product in history for the next generation’”.
In town, Asakusa where a tradition rooted in, this is the big project which provides the place of the activity to the tradition product producer of various parts of Japan.

“Marugoto Nippon Kura” is the select shop having a special product and sake, shochu of each place under the theme of “Good Cheer of Hometown and Nippon”.
It is said that “Sake (Japanese rice wine) sold by measure” is especially popular.

In the “Smile & Sweets”, which treats natural juice from Ehime and natural gelato with full of vegetables and the fruit, mandarin orange juice can be poured out and from the faucet and can drink. One may talk of mandarin orange juice as if it were a common juice, but its flavor varies with the place of production.

There are the PR section of cities, towns and villages of the whole country, the section that can experience local culture and lifestyle and the cafe which can taste the foods of every place every other month in “Experience Space Asakusa Nippon-ku”.
“Marugoto Nippon” which can enjoy Japan entirely literally. How about?


Name:Marugoto Nippon
Address:Asakusa 2-6-7 Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-8535 Japan
Access:Tokyo Metro Ginza-sen Line “Asakusa-eki Station” (8 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-3845-0510
Official site:

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