Sengoku Dama, Tokyo

Sengoku Dama handles items incorporating traditional Japanese crafts, with the theme of “Beauty of Warring States period” unique to Japan, such as armor, helmet and family crest of Japan’s Warring States era. It deals with original items, such as fashion items and miscellaneous goods arranged in a modern sense, this is famous Sengoku Goods specialty store among maniacs.

A wide range of items such as stationery, straps, and sweets related to the Sengoku are collected from daily necessities such as Busho (Japanese Military Commanders) T-shirts, hatasashi-mono (battle flags) towels, umbrella with Sword shape etc.

Until a while ago, Sengoku-Busho (Japanese military commander in the Sengoku period) goods, there was an image “unrefined” among Japanese people. However, according to the person in charge of “Sengoku Dama”, “All recent product designs are very refined”. It seems that there are many designs that are not embarrassing even when using T-shirts on a daily basis.

Not only stationary items such as clear files and ticket holders, memo pads, rulers, pens, etc, tote bags, ties and boxer shorts actually worn.

Straps and seals etc treated with family crest are popular among young and old. “Sengoku Dama” in the solamachi store, there are many people who stop by at the sightseeing and purchase it as a souvenir. The seal “lacquered picture with the family crest” seems to be popular because it is easy for foreign tourists to feel Japanese tradition.


Name:Sengoku Dama
Address:Oshiage 1-1-2 Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045 Japan
Access:Tokyo Metoro Hanzomon-sen Line “Oshiage-eki Station” (Direct connection to the station)
Tel:(+81) 3-5809-7274
Price/Charge:Entrance Free
Official site:

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