A night view of 10 million dollars, Kobe

“Kikuseidai” is an observation deck established in Mt. Maya in Nada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is located at an altitude of about 700 meters, but you can climb easily by connecting Maya Cable car and Maya Ropeway. From the top of the mountain, you can see Port Island, Rokko Island, Osaka Bay and Wakayama on the opposite bank, as well as the Keihanshin Metropolitan area. In the evening you can enjoy the night view of Kobe which can be mentioned as one of Japan’s three biggest night views.
The sightseeing spots of the Mt. Rokko spreading out behind Kobe city are the popular famous tourist places where you can enjoy nature and the night view. From this place, you can have a distant view from Osaka in the east and to the straits of Akashi in the west.



The large panorama to be able to look around to the Shikoku on a clear day is popular as a view point where you can fully enjoy the night view which is one of Japan’s leading scale. The night view of splendid Kobe as extremely large to be captured within your sight is named “a night view of 10 million dollars”.



A night view of Kobe counted in one of “the Japan’s three biggest night view” along with Hakodate, Nagasaki. The town of Kobe from the Rokko Mountains is colored by colorful illuminations and is beautiful as sparkling stars. At a place caught in stars shining on the sky and the light glittering on the ground, you can enjoy the sky and the ground brightness.



In the bay area in the harbor land or the mosaic garden, you can enjoy a gorgeous night view based on orange light. The illuminated Kobe Port Tower is very famous as beautiful appearance from the outside, but the 360-degree scenery from the inside is the best part, too.



Kobe, that were surrounded by light. This beauty that was given by the nature enveloped the sea and the mountain, and the cityscape filled with an air of exoticism is a thing only in Kobe. Well, to look for your night view spot, would you like to go to night Kobe?




Name:A night view of 10 million dollars of Kobe
Adresse:Mt. Maya Kikuseidai Observation Platform
Mayasancho 2-2 Kobe Nada-ku, Hyogo 657-0105 Japan
Access:Hankyu Dentetsu Railway Kobe-sen Line “Ojikoen-eki Station” (21 minute walk to the “Maya Cable Station” of Maya Viewline)
Tel:(+81) 78-861-2998 (Maya Viewline “Hoshi No Eki” Station)
Price/Charge:*Admission to the observation deck is free.
Cable line & Ropeway line (Maya Cable Sta. ~ Hoshi no Eki Sta.)
One-way Ticket
880 yen (Adult)
440 yen (11 years old or Under)
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:Maya Viewline (Ropeway)

日本, 〒657-0105 兵庫県神戸市灘区摩耶山町2−2

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