Ageuma Shinji (Horse Jumping Festival), Mie

Ageuma Shinji (Horse Jumping Festival) , which performed in the Tado festival (the annual festival of Tado Taisha shrine), hundreds of thousands of spectators visit Shinshin shinji (ritual event of dedication) representing this festival every year.
Ageuma Shinji is performed for a long time and tells time and a rich or poor harvest of the farming of the year. Since this Shinto ritual is performed by a considerably rare method, it is called “the strange festival of the world”.

The origin of Ageuma Shinji of Tado Festival goes back to the 1300s. It is considered to be the origin that the young warrior of the samurai who possessed this neighborhood to have run up the hill on the horse for the test of courage.
In the present age, it is forecasting how rich or how poor the harvest of the coming year will be from the number and turn which the horse went up

A 16 or 17-year-old youth rider putting on hanagasa (hat decorated with artificial flowers) rides on a horse in a splendid warrior figure, runs up about 2.5-m cliff at a stretch. Those who see are fascinated by the force and the feeling of tension of the figure who sat on the horse as though being part of it. The interest of local inhabitants is also high and is succeeded for a long time.

By comparing Ageuma Shinji of the both sides of Tado-taisha Shrine and Inabe jinja Shrine, you can clarify the local concerned, and it becomes the precious folk cultural assets. It was specified as the immaterial folk culture assets of Mie Prefecture in 1978.

The brave figure of the small samurai who can be seen only here. The skill in handling of horse is very brilliant although being small. For them who have continued to practice diligence every day for this day, please visit and back them up.


Name:Ageuma Shinji (Horse Jumping Festival)
Address:Tadochotado 1681 Kuwana, Mie 511-0106 Japan
Access:Yoro Tetsudo Yoro-sen Line “Tado-eki Station” (5 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 594-48-2037
*Paid seating is also available
Official site:

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