Akiyoshido (Akiyoshi Stalactite Cave), Yamaguchi

Akiyoshidai, where spreads out in the eastern part in Mine-shi, Yamaguchi, is one of the largest karst plateaus in Japan, and stalactite caves can be seen in various places of it.



The Akiyoshido, which spread out under the Akiyoshidai exposing white limestone, is regarded the largest of its kind in the Orient. It is said that the total extension of it is more than 10 km, and the main cave being just like underground palace and Kurotani-shido (sub cave) is open to the public.



The sightseeing course is 1 km, but you can take a walk without getting tired because the atmosphere that stalactite and the stalagmite is expressed variously.



Inside of the cave in which the temperature is always around 17 degrees celsius, there is a lot of highlight like “Hyakumai-zara” (“100 pieces of plates”) which seemed to look like several pieces of plates, “Kogane-bashira” (“gold pillar”) which is a huge stalactite pillar for 15m in height, “Kasa-zukushi” (“full of umbrellas”), “Ao-tenjo” (“Blue ceiling”), “Gohyaku Rakan” (“the Five Hundred Disciples of the Buddha”).


Many stalactite caves are designated Natural Monument, among them; only Akiyoshido has been appointed to “Special Natural Monument”, and protected by the Cultural Properties Protection Law.
It is the mysterious space where you will forget you are in the real world.




Name:Akiyoshido (Akiyoshi Stalactite Cave)
Adresse:Shuhochoakiyoshi Mine, Yamaguchi 754-0511 Japan
Access:JR Sanyo-shikansen Line “Shinyamaguchi-eki Station” (45 minutes by Bus)
Tel:(+81)837-62-0304 (Mine Municipal Tourism Department)
Price:1,200 yen (Adult)
1,200 yen (High School)
950 yen (Jr. High)
600 yen (Elementary)
Official site:http://english.karusuto.com/

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