Amanohashidate (Bridge to Heaven), Kyoto

Natural beauty spot “Amanohashidate” is the sandbar which separates the Aso Sea of the inland sea from the Gulf of Miyazu of Miyazu-shi, Kyoto to the north and south especially.
As for the beautiful scene which nature created, it is counted one of the three most beautiful views in Japan along with “Matsushima” of Miyagi and “Miyajima” of Hiroshima.

The reason of the origin of this name is said that ladders ware made, stood and collected in order that Izanagi no Mikoto may go to heavens, and it became a name of “Amanohashidate” at a legend. However, while Ogami was sleeping, it fell and it was said that it became the present figure.
In practice, it is said that the sandbar was gradually formed with change of a marine water level, the earth and sand which flowed in according to the earthquake, etc.

The complete view at which it looks from heights is popular in Amanohashidate. Different scenery opens by the angle to see.
Especially popular scene are the view from the south side (and that from vantage point) called “Hiryukan” (flying dragon) and the view from Kasamatsu Park called a “slanted number 1”. Both are great views.

It is said that Hiryukan was the spectacle seen from the Amanohashidate view land at the summit of the Mt. Monju, and named it since the dragon was visible in the figure which climbing to heavens.
Here, it is possible to enjoy famous Matanozoki viewing (to view Amanohashidate from between your two legs).
Viewed in the Matanozoki way, the sky and the earth look upside down, making Amanohashidate look just like a bridge across the sky.

Against the background of Amanohashidate, a beautiful scene can be overlooked also from the direction of a five-storied pagoda of Nariaiji Temple.


Name:Amanohashidate (Bridge to Heaven)
Address:Miyazu, Kyoto 626-0000 Japan
Access:Kyoto Tangotetsudo Miyatoyo-sen Line “Amanohashidate-eki” station (5 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)772-22-8030 (Amanohashidate Tourism Association)
Price:Amanohashidate View Land
850 yen (Adult)
450 yen (Child)
Official site:

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