Aobajo (Sendaijo) Castle, Miyagi

Sendai which is the greatest town in the Tohoku district. Speaking of the tourist attraction representing Sendai, it is the “Sendaijo Castle”.
The Sendaijo Castle is known also for “Masamune Date” who was famous Sengoku Busho (Japanese military commander) having built the castle. It is called the “Aobajo Castle” as an elegant name and this name is more common in the hometown.
The castle tower which is the symbol of the castle was not built from the beginning. The number of the restored buildings is one at present, and it is unusual situation compared with other ruins of a castle.

It was Yamashiro without the castle tower, and the broadness seemed to be unique in those days in the whole country.
In the Meiji era, the main building of the castle was destroyed. Then, buildings other than Tatsumi-mon Gate of Sannomaru were burned down by the Sendai air raid in 1945. Furthermore, the Tatsumi-mon Gate has also been destroyed by the Occupation Forces at the postwar period.

What it remains in now is only a stone wall and side tower restored in 1967.
It is the only building restored in the Sendai ruins of the castle, and is one of a few spots which can feel castle-likeness.

There is “Masamune Date horseriding statue” which is the most popular here in the former site of main building of the castle. Valiant Masamune Date is looking down on the castle town of Senda.

Next to Gokoku-jinja Shrine (shrine honoring war dead), there is the building called Aobajo Honmaru Hall. You can have a meal here or can buy a souvenir.
In a wide, tidy shop, the specialty of Sendai such as Hagi-no-Tsuki (sweets that are popular in Sendai) or Gyutan (Ox tongue) and accessory goods are sold.
There are also the exhibition library and the CG theater.


Name:Aobajo (Sendaijo) Castle
Address:Kawauchi 1 Sendai Aoba-ku, Miyagi 980-0862 Japan
Access:Sendai Subway Tozai-sen Line “Kokusai Center-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 22-222-0218
Price:700 yen (Adult)
500 yen (Junior High School Students / High School Students)
300 yen (Elementary School Students)
Official site:

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