Aqua World, Ibaraki

The “Aqua World Ooarai Aquarium” is one of the popular aquariums of the maximum scale in Kanto. It opened as Ooarai Aquarium in 1970, and renewed in 2002. With stuffed animals and images, you come to be able to learn about the creature of the sea. The program which inside of a hall is divided into nine zones, and substantial programs are attractive each..

It is proud of the number of breeding of the shark in Japan, and you can see the creature of the world sea of approximately 580 kinds of 68,000.

When you enter this aquarium, there are exhibition hall called “the sea zone of the encounter”. In the large water tank proud of quantity of water 1,300t, the state that 80 kinds, 20,000 fish swim is the best part.
The shark which can be called the symbol of the Aqua World Ooarai Aquarium. 45 kinds of sharks are displayed now. It is only here to be able to look at so many sharks at a time. There are also ocean sunfishes which sail in the huge tank calmly.

The most popular event in this aquarium is the dolphins and sea lion show. Three kinds of dolphins as bottlenose dolphin, false killer whale, and pacific white-sided dolphin sail in the pool crowdedly and show a dynamic jump. The lovely behavior using various playthings cannot be overlooked, either.
The special seat which being soaked whole body is also located in the front row.

In addition, show programs, such as “The Aqua watching”, which the staff who dived into the tank photos the expression of a fish with an underwater camera, are also substantial. It is the facility to be able to fully enjoy with family all day long.


Name:Aqua World
Address:8252-3 Isohama-machi Oarai-machi Higashiibaraki-gun Ibaraki-ken 311-1301 Japan
Access:Hitachinaka Kaihin-tetsudo Minato-sen Line “Nakaminato-eki” station (7 minutes by bus)
Price:1,850 yen (Adult age 16+)
930 yen (Primary and Secondary Pupils)
300 yen (Small Children)
Free (Babies (ages 0-2))
Official site:

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