Ashikaga Flower Park, Tochigi

In “Ashikaga Flower Park” in Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, the wisteria festival called “Fuji Flower Story” will be held every year from the middle of April to the middle of May when the wisteria flower will be in full bloom. At night, you can watch the wisteria flower which was lighted up, it is crowded with tourists.
Ashikaga Flower Park opened in 1968 as a “Hayakawa Farm” in a place different from the present. In 1997, it was relocated to the present ashikaga city Hasama-cho which was originally a wetland area, and opened as “Ashikaga Flower Park”.

At that time in Japan there was no precedent for transplanting wisteria, it was the first successful example in Japan. After that, the splendid wisteria flower became a reputation, and it became a crowded spot by tourists from all over the place.
Ashikaga Flower Park’s wisteria flowers are also used for CM, and four large wisteria trees of about 2000 square meters in size, about 150 years old, are designated as Tochigi prefecture designated natural treasure.

A total of over 350 wisteria trees are masterpieces. Also, Ashikaga Flower Park was the only election from Japan in CNN ‘s “Dream destinations for 2014”.

Wisteria flower has also appeared in the oldest historical book “Kojiki” in Japan, and is a flower with history that has been appreciated for a long time. Japanese wisteria are two kinds, “Noda Fuji” (Wisteria floribunda) and “Yama Fuji” (Wisteria brachybotrys), the length of the flower and the winding form of the vine are different. Generally speaking in Japan wisteria flower is called “Noda Fuji” varieties.

The best time to see the wisteria flowers is mid April to mid May. It blooms for every color in order of Usubeni Fuji, Murasaki Fuji, Shira Fuji, and Kibana Fuji. Since rare types can also be seen in the country besides the large wisteria, it does not get bored.


Name:Ashikaga Flower Park
Address:Hasamacho 607 Ashikaga, Tochigi 329-4216 Japan
Access:JR Ryomo-sen Line “Tomita-eki Station” (13 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 284-91-4939
Price:Please refer official page for details of the event period and admission fees as they may vary depending on the condition of the flowers.

※ 10% discount applies to a party of more than 20 people.
※ Child fees apply to children between the age of 4 and school age.
Official site:

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