Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) Sightseeing Cruise, Kanagawa

Although it is the Hakone hot spring known as a popular hot-springs resort, the Ashinoko (lake Ashi) in the foot of Mount Hakone is a popular tourist attraction, too. And, speaking of sightseeing in Lake Ashi, it will be a cruise which turns around a lake with a pleasure boat.
Here is two kinds of sightseeing ship called Hakone Kaizoku-sen (Pirates of Hakone) and Ashinoko Sightseeing Cruise (Pleasure-boat of Lake Ashi). Because operators are different each, the course and the characteristics are different, too.

Ashinoko Sightseeing Cruise is the outstanding stability and catamaran pleasure boat with the width for 2 boats, and can enjoy the tour around Ashinoko in a relaxed manner. Four port are established in the lakeside as the port of former Hakone Checking Station, Moto-hakone port, the port of Hakone Park, and Kojiri port. Using a liner and a cruise ship to operate between each port, you can visit the dotted tourist attraction. In 360 fields of view, the view deck can overlook mountains in Hakone and Mt. Fuji, etc..

The port of Kojiri is a harbor located in the north side of the lake Ashi. The Hakone Ropeway is near and is the port nearest Togendai-eki Station. Moreover, Kuzuryu-jinja shrine famous for matchmaking is also in the neighborhood.
The Hakone aquarium is near the port of Hakone Park. You can enjoy biology of the sea in a Hakone in a mountain.

The 3rd harbor at which a pleasure boat calls is Moto-hakone port. Hakone-jinja shrine, an art museum, etc. are located in the neighborhood. There are many sightseeing spots of Ashinoko which adult can enjoy.
The 4th harbor at which Sightseeing cruise ship arrives is the port of former Hakone Checking Station. According to the name, it is the port where Hakone barrier is near. You can take a walk through the sightseeing spot while feeling
the history.

Hakone has much highlight and spot which can be enjoyed not only on a hot spring resort but on the outskirts of Ashinoko. On the pleasure boat which a family can enjoy all together, let’s make a pleasant memory.


Name:Ashinoko (Lake Ashi) Sightseeing Cruise
Address:Motohakone 45-3 Ashigarashimogun Hakonemachi, Kanagawa 250-0522 Japan
Access:Hakone Tozan Tetsudo-sen Line “Hakone Yumoto-eki Station” (20 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 460-83-6351
Price:One-day open tickets for Cruise (Reorganization of fares in 2017)
1,840 yen (Adult)
920 yen (Elementary School Children or under)
Official site:

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