Aso Farm Land, Kumamoto

“Aso Farm Land” in the South Aso area of ​​Kumamoto Prefecture. A romantic, comfortable dome hotel, which seems to get lost in a strange forest, is a popular spot. In addition, there are plenty of hot springs and spas, which are effective in health and beauty, sports facilities, exercise facilities, meals and souvenir shops. This is a facility that attracts popularity not only from domestic but also from overseas tourists as Aso’s sightseeing spots. The area is about 1 million square meters.

Aso Farmland is a “Healthy Theme Park” rarely seen worldwide, supervised by health experts. There are hot springs and spas, dishes with plenty of home-grown vegetables, and head and body attractions. There are lots of content for “becoming healthy beautifully” while staying.

All the accommodation rooms at Aso Farm Land are round dome shaped. The scenery dotted with dome in the forest seems to have gone into the world of picture books. There are as many as 450 dorms, and each one has an independent accommodation room. Moreover, there are 3 zones of “Village Zone” where dome is lined in forest, luxurious “Royal Zone”, and cute “Dream Zone” dome with famous character “Kumamon” and dinosaurs drawn. The taste of the building differs for each zone. The type of building also ranges from a double room to a dome that can be accommodated by 5 or 6 people. You can choose according to your needs.

Natural light falls from the skylight, directing the atmosphere where wooden interior settles down. The arched windows are also cute, it is really a room like a world of picture books.
This dome hotel seems to be made of a sturdy material that specialized processing for foamed polystyrene used for insulation material for buildings. The outside heat and cold are not transmitted to the inside of the room, they are very quiet and comfortable. In addition, the round shape is a strong structure that can withstand the impact from the outside, it seems that it did not bother at all even in case of the “Kumamoto earthquake” which caused great damage in the surrounding area.

From the evening the hotel will be lighted up and more fantastic scenery will spread. Let your body and mind be healed in a special space with a scenery that you can not think of being in Japan.


Name:Aso Farm Land
Address:Kawayo 5579-3 Asogun Minamiasomura, Kumamoto 869-1404 Japan
Access:JR Hohi-honsen Line “Akamizu-eki Station” (7 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 967-67-2100
Price/Charge:There are many accommodation plans.
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:

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