Atami Plum Garden, Shizuoka

As for the flower of the plum of “Atami Plum Garden”, the first flower begins to bloom early in the end of November – December every year. Best time to see is from January to mid-February. Every year, “the plum festival” is held at this time.
In the large garden proud of the site of 44,000 square meters, the tree of 59 kinds and 472 plums is planted. White, peach, rouge … … The scene that the flower of the plum of the sign of spring is in full glory lets you forget cold.

Only an early plum is seen at the beginning of the “plum festival” period, and full-scale best time to see is after the middle of February. Although the height of prosperity is late in February every year, the middle of February in which surrounding “the cherry tree of Atami” can enjoy at the same time is recommended time.

In “the plum festival” of the Atami Plum Garden, the superb view of the plum is concentrated around back “Kofubashi bridge” and is certainly the best highlight. One of the valuable place that can overlook the state is around the innermost “Masahiro Sawada commemoration art museum”.

Moreover, the “Atami Plum Garden” is said that the bloom of a plum to be the earliest in Japan is also called “the place which can enjoy the latest autumnal leaves in Japan.” It is said that it is the best time to see of autumnal leaves from the end of November to the early of December.

A maple festival is held every year at the season of best time to see. A footbath, a music event, a photo contest, etc. are done in a festival. Furthermore, during a festival period, lighting of autumnal leaves is carried out and it is crowded with many people.


Name:Atami Plum Garden
Address:Baiencho 8-1 Atami, Shizuoka 413-0032 Japan
Access:JR Ito-sen Line “Kinomiya-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)557-85-2222 (Atami-shi Tourism Association)
Price:*Only Plum festival period (Around January to February) is charged.
300 yen (Adult)
Free (Under Junior high school students)
Official site:

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