Awa-Odori (Awa-Odori Festival), Tokushima

The old name of the city of Tokushima called Awa, as the name suggests, Awa-Odori was born in Tokushima prefecture. But it is not obvious when it was born, and when it colonized.
More than 1.4 million tourists come for the Awa-Odori every year, and it is said that you want to go and participate the festival once you go. There is a famous word about the Awa-Odori “Dancing fool、watching fool: all fools、so let’s all dance!”. True to this words, it is pleased by watching and by participating.


It came to be performed now in everywhere of the whole country, but all of them was the origin of Tokushima. Many Awa-Odori Festival are held in Tokushima, but “Tokushima-shi Awa-Odori” is the largest of them.


“Tokushima-shi Awa-Odori” is held from August 12th to 15th. You can see it in every performing area around Tokushima Station, but there is some pay areas.


It has two kinds of style, “a man dance” and “a woman dance”. It is same Awa-Odori, but you are surprised to see its difference.


There is places called “The Odori Hiroba” (“The dance square”) for an adventitious performer, and you are taught Awa-Odori if you go there.



Name:Awa-Odori (Awa-Odori Festival)
Adresse:Higashi-Shinmachi Tokushima-city, Tokushima 770-0912 Japan
Access:JR Kotoku-sen line "Tokushima-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)88-622-4010 (Tokushima Tourism Association)
Official site:Awa-Odori Hall

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