Beppu Onsen Hot Springs, Oita

Therefore, even when the same term of Beppu was used, making it impossible to make sweeping generalizations.
It consists of eight hot-springs resorts called the “Eight Springs of Beppu”, because there is the approximately 2300 location of a origin of hot spring.
The “Eight Springs of Beppu” is eight places of “Hamawaki Onsen” “Beppu Onsen” “Kamegawa Onsen” “Kankaiji Onsen” “Horita Onsen” “Myoban Onsen” “Kannawa Onsen” “Shibaseki Onsen”.

The representative hot spring of the “Eight Springs of Beppu” is “Takegawara-onsen Hot Spring” which can go in on foot about 10 minutes from Beppu Station.
The good point of Beppu Hot Spring is being able to take a bath with the budget prices of 100 yen at almost all hot springs.
And it is “using the spring water only once” which has hardly disinfected. Of course the “Takegawara-onsen Hot Spring” is no exception to this rule, too.

Hot water of the Takegawara hot spring tinged with the green is rather hot slightly. If you do “Kakeyu” (pouring beating hot water on body) firmly before being soaked in hot water, the body will get used and it will become easy to enter.
If you are freely made tepid with water, you may be scolded by local people, so please be sure to check in advance.
Because soap is not had always ready in most hot springs, let’s bring it, if necessary.

The spring quality is different from the men’s bath and the ladies’ bath. And that is something extremely rare.
Men’s sections of a bathhouse are “Sodium chloride, Calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, Hydrogen carbonate spring”, and ladies’ bath is “Sodium-Hydrogen carbonate spring.”

Moreover, sand bath, such a find is rare in Japan, can be experienced if another charge is paid.
Throwing sand on your body, but this is considerably heavy.
In the “Takegawara-onsen Hot Spring,” because the sand is warmed with hot water, so it is very clean. Please try it by all means if interested.


Name:Beppu Onsen Hot Springs
Address:Motomachi 16-23 Beppu, Oita 874-0944 Japan
Access:JR Nippou-honsen Line “Beppu-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 977-23-1585 (Takegawara Onsen Hot Spring)
Price:100 yen

*Sand bath
1,030 yen
Official site:

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