Cape Zanpa Park, Okinawa

Cape Zanpa is a cape in Yomitan village on the west coast of central Okinawa. The surrounding area is designated as the National Park “Cape Zanpa Park”.
It is about 1 hour via the expressway from Naha Airport. You can also come nearby by airport limousine bus.
The characteristic of this cape is the cliff that continues over about 2 kilometers. And the height is about 30 meters, it is powerful full mark. The ocean and quay where it lasts, its powerful beauty attracts viewers.

The Cape Zanpa Park also has lighthouse, beach, BBQ space and resort hotel. You can play all day in the area around Cape Zanpa. You can enjoy sightseeing such as a lighthouse and swimming in the sea at the same time. That is a beach which can be enjoyed handy, without being crowded too much depending on a day.

Cape Zanpa is located in the public facility of Yomitanson village “Cape Zanpa Rest Plaza”. As a place of relaxation of the people of the prefecture, it is crowded with families and couples on holidays. As a symbol of this open space, this huge Shisa (Okinawan lion statues, used as talisman against evil) attracts attention particularly. It is the largest lion in Japan with a height of 8.75 meters and a length of 7.8 meters.

Boasting the highest height of Nansei Islands (about 31 meters), it is a large white lighthouse that can be said as a symbol of Cape Zanpa. You can climb this lighthouse, from the top you can see the East China Sea better. If it is sunny, you can look over Agunijima Island, Tonakijima Island, Kumejima Island and others. The 360-degree panoramic view from the observation deck is exquisite.

You can see the ocean from the cliff, and the scenery where the surging waves hit the rocks is impressive. It is a perfect place to look down at the setting sunset. Recently, there seems to be an increasing number of foreign tourists shooting Wedding Photo in this place.


Name:Cape Zanpa Park
Address:Uza 675 Nakagamigun Yomitanson, Okinawa 904-0328 Japan
Access:Approximately 60 minutes by car from Naha Airport.
Tel:(+81) 98-958-6494 (Yomitanson Tourism Association)
Official site:

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