Cave cafe, Okinawa

“The valley of GANGARAR” in Nanjo City, southern part of Okinawa main island is a mysterious spot where nature rich forest spreads in the valley where the limestone cave collapsed. The valley of GANGARAR is about 47,500 square meters, and various animals and plants are alive in the forest integrated with limestone cave. The course of the tour (fee) is about 1 km long. There are lots of places of interest that you can experience the mystery of nature and the history of human beings, such as the huge Ficus retusa tree, the stalagmites that the people have long believed from ancient times, the dwelling place that the ancient people lived in.
It took hundreds of thousands of years to make the mysteries of nature “a stalactite cave”. The spots that can enjoy the stalactite caves dot in Okinawa, this is “CAVE CAFE” which was built into it. Why don’t you enjoy the petit exploration what you could never do daily life and impress you.


It is the valley which a stalactite cave collapses.”The valley of GANGARAR” is 30 minutes from Naha city to the south by car.


At the place that should be called the entrance of the valley of GANGARAR, the “CAVE CAFE” welcomes people. In the yawning cavern as if it looked up at sky, all over the ceiling and the wall is covered by untouched stalactite. Mysterious light coming through the outside, the chilly air peculiar to a cave, the fantastic world that you cannot taste in the everyday life spreads out there.


“The cave cafe” in the entrance is Interesting. A stalactite cave becomes the cafe as a figure of nature, and according to the name, it keeps the unique sound space, and the concert is held regularly.
Mysterious light comes through outside into this different dimension space where the ceiling and wall are covered with the unmodified stalactite. There is a fantasy world far from everyday there. It feels exciting, as if it were just before exploration.


You can have a night reservations parties too.



Name:Cave cafe
Adresse:Tamagusukumaekawa 202 Nanjo, Okinawa 901-0616 Japan
Access:It takes 30 minutes from Naha Airport by car.
Tel:(+81) 98-948-4192
Price/Charge:From 350 yen. (coffee)
Please refer to the official web page for the cafe menu.
Official site:

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