Chateau Kamiya (Facility of Winemaker)

“Denbe Kamiya” known for the Kamiya bar in Asakusa, built “Chateau Kamiya” in Ushiku-shi, Ibaraki in 1903. It is the first full-scale Japanese wine brewing place that carried out by grape cultivation to brewing and bottling being consistent in those days. And it is known as one of the birthplaces of wine in Japan.

Now, there are “Denbe Kamiya memorial hall” which exhibited Denbe Kamiya’s footprint, a restaurant which can enjoy the wine and microbrewing, etc which can be tasted only here surrounded by rich green trees.

The brick red European-style building whith the clock tower, which is a National Important Cultural Property, is the history of Japanese wine itself. Including the OENON museum exhibited the history of the advertisement of the liquor, there are craft beer restaurant and BBQ garden, so you can enjoy wine and craft beer only by chateau Kamiya.

You can buy the wine at not only the restaurant but also the stand. It is sweet and is easy to drink, in addition, it is brewed in this facility, so you can drink it relatively low in price.

It is a spot which is popular also among a family companion as well as the person who likes alcohol.


Name:Chateau Kamiya (Facility of Winemaker)
Adresse:Chuo 3-20-1 Ushiku, Ibaraki 300-1234 Japan
Access:JR Joban-sen Line “Ushiku-eki Station” (8 minutes walk)
Official site:

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