Chikurin-no-michi (Arashiyama Bamboo Grove), Kyoto

“Chikurin-no-michi” (Arashiyama Bamboo Grove) has been loved more than 1,000 years by Japanese. Among Chikurin of Kyoto Sagano, the paths approximately 300m to continue from Nonomiya Shrine to Okochi Sanso Villa is the most famous.


As the place where you feel a very Japanese, many tourists come. In the world among the green bamboo, the wind meets being chilly and greets people calmly.
In December, “a Kyoto, Arashiyama flower light road festival” is held every year, and you can walk the way of fantastic Chikurin lighted up.


Sagano spreading out northeast of Arashiyama is the land where a noble villa and hermitage were opened in the Heian era. This place that a noble ever loved continues being loved by still many people after 1,000 years.


It may be a place with such a universal beauty not to change even if the times change.


It is lighted up for ten days from the weekend of around December 10 in every year. It has more than hundred thousand visitors in this period. Because the fallen leaves of Chikurin are the early spring, so they are bright Green in winter. 2,500 garden lamps are put along the way during a period, those wrap the whole Arashiyama by the pale light of them.



Adresse:Sagaogurayamadonomaecho4 Kyoto Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8392 Japan
Access:Sagano kanko line "Torokko-Arashiyama eki Station” (3 minutes walk)

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