Daisho-in Temple, Hiroshima

It is said that Daisho-in Temple was founded by Kukai (also known as Kobodaishi). It is the famous temple of Miyajima, which is united with Itsukushima-jinja Shrine for many years, and has also been engaged in management of the shrine. It has been worshipped by powerful rulers such as the Ashikaga Shogunate family, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Hirobumi Ito, including the Taira clan. The relation with the Imperial Family was deep, and there is the main hall of a Buddhist temple built by the Emperor Toba, and emperor Meiji stayed at this temple when he visited here. It has deep relation with the Sangaku-shinko (the traditional Japanese mountain worship) of Mt. Misen.


There are many benefit in the precincts, so many worshipers, who expecting every wish such as peace to the household and prosperity to the business! at once, come.
The garden is also beautiful and the view of the Inland Sea, which is visible from the entrance of the precincts of the temple, is also an unparalleled view.


The Henjokutsu Cave is in the basement of Daishido (hall for the Great Teacher) of Daisho-in Temple, and the principal image of the 88 shrines of Shikoku island is installed there. The name of “Henjokutsu” has the meaning “the place which illuminates fortunate fire”, in order to make a world peaceful. The sand of Shikoku 88 sacred places is buried in front of the principal image. So sand treading has the same effect as the act of making a pilgrimage through the 88 shrines of Shikoku island in Japan


The Chokugan-do (Hall built by Emperor’s behest) in the precincts. anyone can observe Inside the Hall. Small wooden Acala lines up in the row, and the spectacle is the highlight. Namikiri Fudomyoo (the Buddhist god Acalanatha) is enshrined in the center, and Gomakito (be blessed by a priest) is performed in front of it.


In the season of colored leaves of November is the most beautiful time in a year. The precincts of the temple are surrounded by the red maple. “Autumn Leaves Festival of Daisho-in” is held, too.



Name:Daisho-in Temple
Address:Miyajimacho takimachi 210 Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0524 Japan
Access:JR Sanyō Honsen Line Miyajimaguchi Station. About 10 minutes from Miyajimaguchi Port to Miyajima Island by ferry.
Tel:(+81) 829-44-0111
Official site:http://www.galilei.ne.jp/

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