Dogo Onsen Honkan (Hot Spring)

There is a Dogo Onsen (Hot Spring) Honkan (main building) at the center of the Dogo Hot Spring town in Matsuyama-shi, Ehime. It appears in “Botchan” which is the writing of great writer Soseki Natsume of Meiji Era, and suddenly became famous. And it is also called the hot spring of Botchan. It is the the historical building as symbolic existence of the town built in 1894, and it was designated as an natiaonal important cultural property in 1994.

Dogo Onsen is said to be proud of the history of 3,000 years, and counted as one of the three great oldest hot spring in Japan compared with Arima Onsen of Hyogo and Shirahama Onsen of Wakayama. It appears also in various articles, such as the “Nihon shoki” (the oldest chronicles of Japan) and the “Genji Monogatari” (Tale of Genji), and a lot of legends, that Okuninushi no Mikoto(*) cured the illness of Sukunahikona no Mikoto and Shotoku-taishi (prince Shotoku) took bath here, appropriate for “the Japanes oldest hot spring”.
* Chief god of Izumo from the southern Honshu Island, Japan, and the central character in the important cycle of myths established in that region.

Dogo Onsen Honkan has high popularity in particular in the hot-spring town, it is admired equally with Yudanaka Oyu in a public bathhouse ranking. Moreover, it was selected by 2 stars in the volume for Michelin guide (tourist resort) Japan in March, 2009.

It is said that spring quality has effect in neuralgia, an arthritic pain, cold sensitive, a chronic digestive organ disease, etc. at an alkaline simple hot spring.

Dogo Onsen Honkan is wooden 3 stories with grand impressive looks. A decline is not impressed while thing time will pass in 100 or more. The hot spring loved even from writers and penmen to the local person is worth visiting.


Name:Dogo Onsen (Dogo Hot Spring)
Address:Dogoyunomachi 6-8 Matsuyama, Ehime 790-0842 Japan
Access:Iyo-Tetsudo Jonan-sen Line “Dogo-onsen-eki Station” (5 minutes walk)
Price:Please confirm official site.
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Official site:

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