Edo-Tokyo Tatemono En (Open Air Architectural Museum), Tokyo

The “Edo-Tokyo Tatemono en” (Open Air Architectural Museum) as an annex of the Edo-Tokyo Hakubutsukan (Edo-Tokyo Museum) in Ryogoku was built in the Koganei Park. A historically worth and cultural building, which are difficult to conserve at the site as they were, removed and rebuilt them to the original state, and is opened to the public.



There are 3 zones as the east, the west, and the center on the large site, an expensive landmark architecture of the cultural value of more than 30 from the Edo era to the early days of the Showa era, are rebuilt in here. You can observe almost all of its inside.



As well as to reconstruct, to preservat, to display it, it seem to aim at succeeding as precious cultural heritage in the next era.



There are classic buildings in a line on each side of the “Shitamachi-Naka-Dori” (Shitamachi street), as if you had been wrapped with a spectacle time-slipped to a old time of Tokyo. The warmth of wooden house and the color faded outer wall is very wonderful.



You could catch a glimpse of the Japanese scene stepping back in time which we have seldom seen such a sight now. Precious modern history remains in here.




Name:Edo-Tokyo Tatemono En (Open Air Architectural Museum)
Adresse:Sakuracho 3-7-1 Koganei, Tokyo 184-0005 Japan
Access:JR Chuo-sen Line “Musashi-Koganei-eki Station” (5 minutes by bus)
Price:400 yen (Adult)
320 yen (Student)
200 yen (Under 17 years old)
Official site:http://www.tatemonoen.jp/

日本, 〒184-0005 東京都小金井市桜町3-7-1

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