Edo Wonderland (Nikko Edo Mura)

Edo Wonderland is the entertainment facility which reproduced Edo 808 town faithfully.
When you will step into the “barrier” of the entrance, there seemed to totally traveled back in time to the Edo Period.
The merchant’s houses, the post town, the samurai residence, etc. stand in a row, and a samurai, and town girl, etc. greet. The show is carried out everywhere in the park, including the powerful action show of The Grand Ninja Theatre, and it is full of events.
In The “Dress Up Edo Style Zone”, you can changes into Edo period clothes, and turn completely into the people from Edo, and can also take a walk.


You can enjoy all events in high quality.
The rows of houses of Edo are reproduced firmly, and since the staff called Edo-nin (people of Edo) identified with the characters of the role completely, the view of the world of Edo is held.


The charm of Edo Wonderland seems to be the “show.” The extremely powerful ninja play is performed in The Grand Ninja Theatre. The action is high-level, and the performance that excelled does not permit a blink, the length of the fight scene is very long and grasp sweat in a hand though knowing it is a show,


In “Mizugei-za”, water comes out from various places, the comical player also comes out, it is pleasant show. But please be careful. Water splashes when you sit down toward the front. Let’s view behind the direction which does not want to get wet.


in addition to this, there are the samurai residence which can study history, a throwing knife throw, bow and arrows, etc. which can experience and play of Edo, and there is much experience which an adult and a child can enjoy themselves only here.




Name:Edo Wonderland (Nikko Edo Mura)
Address:Karakura 470-2 Nikko, Tochigi 321-2524 Japan
Access:Tobu Kinugawa-sen Line “Kinugawa-Onsen-eki Station” (10 minutes by car)
Price:4,700 yen (Adult)
2,400 yen (6 to12 years old)
Free (5 years old and under)
Official site:http://edowonderland.net/

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