Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoshima dentetsu or Enoden), Kanagawa

Enoden is a train that connects from Kamakura station to Fujisawa station, the official name is Enoshima dentetsu (Enoshima Electric Railway). A beautiful sea spreads in the train window, it is a popular railway which can enjoy the scenery while tasting somewhere a nostalgic feeling. If you go around the main tourist spots in Kamakura or Enoshima, please use Enoden by all means. It’s also recommended that you take a leisurely walk around the area by taking a stop.


Enoden has a long running section along the sea and you can see the beautiful coastline from the window. One of the charms is that the scenery seen by time zone is different. You can enjoy the refreshing ocean in the morning and the romantic atmosphere of sunset in the evening. To enjoy the scenery varying according to the time zone, there are also some tourists to get on board several times a day.


Enoden runs not only by the seaside. Sometimes it runs along mountains and residential areas, each one can enjoy the scenic landscape. By securing the front seat, you can enjoy the scenery changing from the sea to the mountains and the streets from the big window of the driver’s seat.


Speaking of Kamakura, hydrangea is famous, but you can watch hydrangea even while you are on Enoden. In particular, hydrangea blooming along the railroad area around Goryo-jinja Shrine is very beautiful, and some people take photographs by half way off. Since you can take pictures of which other people do not see, it is secretly attracting attention as a hidden shooting spot.


If you enjoy sightseeing by Enoden, it is recommended to use the 1-day ticket “Noriorikun”. By using this ticket, you can get on and off many times a day in all sections of Enoden. When you like, you can get off at your favorite station, so it is very convenient when you see spots you care about. There are benefits such as discounts available at affiliated restaurants, which is very profitable.



Name:Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoshima dentetsu or Enoden)
Address:Enoshima Station
Katasekaigan 1-4-7 Fujisawa, Kanagawa 251-0035 Japan
Access:Kamakura Station
JR Yokosuka-sen Line “Kamakura-eki Station” (directly connected)

Fujisawa Station
JR Tokaido-honsen Line “Fujisawa-eki Station” (1 minute walk)
Tel:(+81) 466-24-2711 (switchboard)
Price/Charge:Enoden 1-day pass ticket “Noriorikun” (Adult) 600 yen(Child) 300 yen
※Available from ticket vending machines at all stations
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:https://www.enoden.co.jp/

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