Faux food crafting (Yamato Sample), Tokyo

The Yamato Sample factory is a spot with various food sample experience menus. From small one to the actual size, it can also be a key holder or clip. Perfect gift as well. Tempura food samples can be taken in about 10 minutes, and other things in about 30 minutes, so you can feel free to experience it.


In Japan, food samples are often seen in showcases of restaurants and coffee shops.
Although it is real artistic items that can be said to be artistic, there is not much to see outside of Japan. It is known for these days as the item which is very nice as a souvenir of the tourist who visits Japan.


You can experience to make food samples, which are also unique in Japan, at the “Yamato Sample factory, Sample FAN FUN FAN” near Kita Ikebukuro station in Tokyo.


There are plenty of experience menus in the factory, such as experiences of making tempura using wax, curry and rice making toppings such as vegetables, meat, pickles and so on, sushi candle using egg, squid, tuna made of wax, and experience of fruit parfait making.


Moreover, mini parfait making experience etc. which the small children can also experience are prepared. Regardless of age, sex and nationality, anyone can feel free to make original food samples. Recommended for experiencing sightseeing.



Name:Faux food crafting (Yamato Sample)
Address:Kamiikebukuro 4-18-2-101 Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0012 Japan
Access:Tobu Tojo-sen Line “Kita-Ikebukuro-eki Station” (5 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-5980-8099
Price:Please refer this site.
Official site:http://yamato-sample.com/

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