Fuji Safari Park, Shizuoka

The Fuji safari park in Susono-shi, Shizuoka is the largest safari park in Japan. In the park, you can take a private bus, a safari navigation car using GPS, or a private car. It is the zoo of style that humans visit to the habitat of animals living in a state close to nature.


The Fuji safari park consists of two areas, the “Safari Zone” and the “Contact Zone.” About 30 species of animals such as lions, giraffes and elephants live freely in the “Safari Zone”. In “Contact Zone” you can feed and interact with pretty animals such as dogs, cats, alpacas and so on. In each area, it is packed with pleasant events, such as the “Jungle Bus” and the “Safari Derby”.


In “Jungle Bus”, you will take a safari zone by riding a wire mesh-clad bus without window glass. In the middle of the tour you can feed a bear, a lion and so on. Fierce beasts seek food for a distance of about 20 cm. You are sure to get excited about the wild animals approaching us. It is so powerful that the breathing of animals is felt.


In addition to this, there is also the tour called “Navigation Car” that can access wildlife with a zebra-patterned 4WD car. On this tour you can operate the tablet and go around the safari zone while listening to the animal’s explanation whenever you like.


The Fuji Safari Park can be understood from the fact that there is the word “Fuji” in its name, but there are “Fuji Viewpoint” where you can see Mt. Fuji in various parts of the park.
Wild animals such as Tigers, Giraffes, Lions and Mt. Fuji can be seen at the same time, other than here.



Name:Fuji Safari Park
Address:2255-27 Fujiwara Aza Suyama, Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture Postal code 410-1231
Access:JR Gotenba-sen Line “Gotenba-eki Station” (30 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 55-998-1311
Price:Please refer the official web page.
Official site:http://www.fujisafari.co.jp/

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