Fukiware no Taki Falls, Gunma

Fukiware no Taki Falls is a popular tourist resort in Gumma Prefecture called Eastern Niagara. It was specified as the natural treasure of the country in 1936. Moreover, it was chosen as “100 selections of Japanese waterfalls” and has been famous as the representatives of the most beautiful spots in Gunma. It is said that it was named “Fukiware no Taki” (breaking falls) since water flowed as if it spared the stream bed. The promenade is well-developed in the valley and beautiful scenery every spring fresh green, and autumn colored leaves please you.


An entrance is the promenade wrapped green. If every step you take, a roaring loud sound can be heard. It is a first waterfall “Masu Tobi no Taki” (Flying trout falls) of Fukiware ravine. The scene, that abundant water poured by “Fukiware no Taki” falls to the small waterfall basin with a fall of 15 meters, is right the best part. It is said that it came to be called “Masu Tobi no Taki Falls” since the trout flew to cross this waterfall hard when a trout had ascended to the river a long time ago.


This is “Hannya Iwa” (Rock of Prajna) which “Hannya” (Prajna) opens a big mouth and seems to wait for. It is the point that can observe the art that nature created closely.


When you advance to the point of huge “Hannya Iwa”, you arrive at “Fukiware no Taki Falls”. This place was selected as “100 selections of Japanese waterfalls”, “Natural Treasure” and “ Places of Scenic Beauty”. The scene that the river flows in from three directions towards the V-shaped valley which is eroded with sufficient vigor are powerful.


They are 7 meters in height, 30 meters in width, and becomes the tourist attraction that 1 million people visit every year. Since amount of water will increase with the melted snow from Oze especially in May, it is the most powerful. One of the charm of “Fukiwari no Taki Falls” is what can thoroughly enjoy plain nature without unnecessary fence. For the reason, you can go to see to very near the waterfall. Water flows through the waterfall by awful force right next to a promenade. It is too much powerful, and you can feel a thrilling sensation.



Name:Fukiware no Taki Falls
Address:Tonemachiokkai Numata, Gunma 378-0303 Japan
Access:JR Joetsu-sen Line “Numata-eki” station (50 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)278-23-2111 (Numata City Municipal Office)
Official site:http://www.city.numata.gunma.jp/

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