Fukuroda no Taki (Fukuroda Waterfall), Ibaraki

“The Fukuroda waterfall” counted by one of the three Japanese greatest waterfall is a sightseeing spot which Ibaragi Prefecture is proud of. The poet-monk Saigyo priest of the Heian era had composed a poem of this waterfall.
It is the white line which is calm when you look from far away, but it will show violence which strikes the ground if you approach. You will be attracted to its beautiness and the time went by unnoticed.


The waterfall in Fukuroda which starts branch Takikawa river, is proud of a scale 120 meters in height, and 73 meters in width.
Because the flow of the waterfall drops in four steps of vast rock faces, it is also called the alias “the waterfall of Yodo” (the waterfall of four times). Moreover, when Saigyo Hoshi visited this ground a long time ago, it is told that he praised it as “this waterfall cannot taste the true character if I do not come once in the four seasons”


The line to create of the water flowing through four steps of rock faces is smooth like white thread, and sometimes it is intense and various faces are shown.


Spring bordered by the green of trees sprouting new grass, summer demanding cool air, autumn fascinating autumnal leaves carry out makeup of a waterfall, winter which the waterfall freezes in severe cold, the Fukuroda waterfall changes a figure seasonally.


The whole waterfall may freeze pure white in severe winter, you can see the figure of the ice climber challenging the iceberg.
Moreover, in the event ‘Okukuji-Fukuroda “a journey of winter waterfall”’ held in winter, visionary scenery of winter, such as lighting of the waterfall and illuminations of the suspension bridge, is directed.



Name:Fukuroda no Taki (Fukuroda Waterfall)
Address:Fukuroda 3-19 Kujigun Daigomachi, Ibaraki 319-3523 Japan
Access:JR Suigun-sen Line “Fukuroda-eki Station” (5 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)295-72-1138 (Daigo Town Tourism Office)
Price:300 yen (Adult)
150 yen (Junior High / Elementary School Students)
Free (Preschool children)
Official site:http://www.town.daigo.ibaraki.jp/

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