Furepe WaterFall, Hokkaido

Cliffside of Utoro side of Shiretoko Peninsula stands out in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. One of the waterfalls where groundwater that seeped out between the cliffs flows down to the sea is “Furepe WaterFall”. When visiting Shiretoko by a group such as a bus tour, there are many cases that you can see from the sea on a Shiretoko sightseeing boat “Aurora ” or a sightseeing cruiser etc, but there is a course that go down to the observation deck where you can see the waterfall while walking along the promenade.


The Furepe WaterFall is a rare waterfall that groundwater flowing from the middle of a steep cliff with a height of about 100 meters seeps out and flows directly to the sea. It is also called alias “Otome no Namida” (maiden’s tear) from the state that the amount of water is small throughout the year and it runs down smoothly. “Furepe” means “red water (river)” in Ainu language. Although there are various opinions, it is believed that the sunset appears and turns red.


The Furepe Waterfall promenade is a walking path that represents the Horobetsu area, which allows you to feel the magnificent scenery like Shiretoko and various natural environments at the same time.
To see the waterfall, you will be on foot from Shiretoko Nature Center. There is an observatory there, but not the whole waterfall can be seen from the location. If you want to see a waterfall from the whole or front, you need to take a sightseeing boat from Utoro etc.


Snow is blown off in the winter, it seems that it is not piled up because the wind is strong around the Furepe waterfall. Therefore, it is a precious feed spot of Ezo deer and the probability of meeting with Ezoshima is high.


From the observation deck, it is like feeling that the waterfall can be seen at the limit of the angle. Because the amount of water is also small, it is hard to see with the naked eye. If you take the telescope, you can observe the part where the water is sprinkling and the sea birds that are about to climb the cliffs. Also, the cliffs are deeply sunk, so it’s fun to see the cliffs themselves and the scenery made by Okhotsk’s rough waves.



Name:Furepe WaterFall
Address:Onnebetsumura Sharigun Sharicho, Hokkaido 099-4100 Japan
Access:JR Senmo-honsen Line “Shiretokoshari-eki Station” (50 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 152-24-2114 (Shiretoko National Park Nature Center)
Official site:http://center.shiretoko.or.jp/

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