Geibikei Gorge, Iwate

Geibikei Gorge, which is counted by one of the 100 Japanese views, is a ravine made by the Satetsugawa river eroded the limestone covering about two kilometers. The precipitous cliff of more than 100 meters height rises in the river bank, and it is visionary deep mountains and dark valleys specified also as the scenic spot of japan. The boating down river, which a boatman handles a ship with one pole skillfully is known as a famous feature of Geibikei Gorge. You can enjoy seasonal color and taste as for the spring fresh green, bright colored leaves, small birdsong, and the river fish jumping on the surface of the water, while hearing song which sounds the towering rock surface.

The spring first highlight is wisteria which makes purple flowers bloom at this cliff. On the rock surface which rises high over along the clear stream, bright purple fringes hang down several times over.

At the time of autumnal leaves, the unparalleled view of the maple which colors in red or yellow looks beautiful in the water surface. The best time to see of autumnal leaves begin the end of October.

Moreover, “Kotatsu (foot-warmer) Ship” which can taste warm Kinagashi-nabe (pot dish) operates around the period of winter. Scenery such as the world of the black-and-white drawing is totally graved on one’s heart deeply.

The time required of The boating down river is about 90 minutes by round trip. These days, the female captain is also playing an active part.
Please forget busy every day and taste calm time.


Name:Geibikei Gorge
Address:Higashiyamachonagasaka 467 Ichinoseki, Iwate 029-0302 Japan
Access:JR Ofunato-sen Line “Geibikei-eki” station (5 minutes walk)
Price:Boat Trip
1,600 yen (Adult)
860 yen (Under 12 years old)
420 yen (Under 6 years old)
Official site:

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