Gero Onsen (Gero Hot Spring Town), Gifu

Gero in Gifu prefecture is known as one of the best hot spring resort places in Japan. This place is the popular area where is full of the highlight Including Gero Onsen that fully heals everyday fatigue.


Gero Onsen is counted in the three major hot springs in Japan. It is recommended to use “Yumeguri-Tegata” (1,300 yen) if you go round the hot springs of Gero. You can visit three hot springs as you like.


It is said that the spring quality is an alkaline of approximately pH 9.2. and skin becomes smooth. It is a spring quality with a natural soap effect. The hot water of Gero of having smooth touch and relaxation effect is praised as one of the three great hot springs in Japan for a long time, and healed a heart and the body of many people.


There is the spring source along the Hida River flowing through the center of the Gero city area, the both sides across the river are lined with a hotel and inns. The scenery from a hotel and an inn is very quiet, and it let the heart of the coming hotel guest soften.


Each site in the city is dotted with footbathing, and anyone can enjoy an excellent spring willingly. You can feel full amenity, high hospitality from the whole town.



Name:Gero Onsen (Gero Hot Spring Town)
Adresse:Yunoshima Gero, Gifu 509-2207 Japan
Access:JR Takayama-honsen Line “Gero-eki Station” (within a short walking distance from this station)
Tel:(+81)576-24-1000 (Gero Onsen Tourism Association)
Price:You can find a hotel from here.
Official site:

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