Goshogawara Tachineputa Festival, Aomori

“Tachineputa Festival” is a summer festival held in Goshogawara-shi, Aomori reproduced for the first time in about 80 years in 1998.
There are three big Neputa (it is also called Nebuta) festivals in Aomori. They are the Nebuta festival of Aomori, the Neputa festival of Hirosaki, and the Tachineputa of Goshogawara. Although the Nebuta of Aomori is the most famous, please also visit Goshogawara Tachineputa Festival once. Please experience the overwhelming force.
Operation of Tachineputa is August 4 to 8, and time is 19:00 to 21:00 every year.


The biggest Tachineputa is a size which exceeds 20 meters in height. Although Nebuta of Aomori is also large, but only height compares, this is 3 times the size of this.
Tachineputa is saved usually in the museum called “The Hall of Tachineputa.” The figure which comes out in a town for operation is a figure like an appearance of a huge robot. The figure to look up at is great force.


Tachineputa is the tradition folk culture performed from the middle of Meiji period to the early stages of Taisho period, 100 years or more ago from now on.
Those days, a thing about 21 meters high is shouldered by hundreds of young men, and is said to have paraded around the town. It is told that the brave figure was in sight also from the 12 kilometers away place.
However, electric wire having been set up by widespread of the electric, it was miniaturized gradually and shifted to the usual Neputa (about 4.5 m in height) which operates now.


However, in 1996, Neputa more than 20 meters in height was restored from one piece of photograph by volunteers of Goshogawara. The dignified appearance and the spirit of people of Goshogawara created a nationwide sensation.


Then, the electric wire on an operation course was buried in the earth by the “Tachineputa project” worked on in earnest. On August 5, 1998, Tachineputa paraded around the Goshogawara city at last, and the dignified appearance was looked up at many people.



Name:Goshogawara Tachineputa Festival
Address:Omachi 506−10 Goshogawara, Aomori 037-0063 Japan
Access:JR Gono-sen Line “Goshogawara-eki Station” (6 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)173-38-3232 (Tachineputa no Yakata)
Official site:http://www.tachineputa.jp/

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