Gujo Odori Dance Festival, Gifu

Gujo Odori Dance Festival, which is said to be the summer tradition of Gujo Hachiman in Gifu Prefecture, is a traditional festival that began in the Edo period and has a history of more than 400 years. This dance which became flourishing to stabilize and reconcile the mind and body of the people, all 10 types of dances are designated as important intangible cultural properties of the country. The biggest feature of this festival that will be held for a total of 32 days is that it is a participatory dance in which locals and tourists dance together.

Especially in the period of “All-night Dance” which continues dancing all night from 8 o’clock in the evening to the next morning, it is crowded with about 250 thousand people. And the point to enjoy is to dance with them.
The sense of unity that dances with many people that there are sometimes more than 20,000 people is a masterpiece.

Dancing repeats combinations of seven poses, which is not difficult. It is okay if you are imitating a person dancing around. Still, if you are worried, a seminar will be held on Saturdays and Sundays during the festival period, so it may be good to participate.

Especially if you remember “Kawasaki” which is the center of dance, you can enjoy it enough. Since videos that explain how to dance are distributed, it is a good idea to go after seeing it in advance.

Since anyone can participate, so if you would like to enjoy both festivals and sightseeing, please try visiting by all means. If you would like to dance until the morning, please check out the schedule and venue on the Official Site and dance it.


Name:Gujo Odori Dance Festival
Address:Hachimanchohonmachi 859 Gujo, Gifu 501-4216 Japan
Access:Nagaragawa Tetsudo Etsuminan-sen Line “Gujo Hachiman-eki Station” (20 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 575-67-0002 (Gujo Hachiman Tourism Association)
Official site:

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