Gunkanjima (Hashima) Island, Nagasaki

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The small island, which used to be the entrance of under the sea coal mine, a quay surrounds the whole island, and the appearance of the high-rise building made of reinforced concrete stands in a row came to be called “Gunkanjima Island” because it resembled the warship “Tosa.”
Approximately 5300 persons lived in 1960 of the golden age, it was reached no less than 9 times as much population density as the Tokyo ward of those days. All things required for a life, such as elementary and junior high schools and a hospital, were in the island. There were even amusement facilities, such as a movie theater and a Pachinko parlor (a Japanese gambling machine).

The coal of the Hashima coal mine was very good, and supported modernization of Japan with the adjoining Takashima coal mine, but the pit closed in 1974 when main energies shifted to oil from coal. And the island became uninhabited.
In 2009, the landing of the commoner was enabled, then many people participate in a tour and visit Gunkanjima now.

On landing tour, the remains of second pit which were the prime pits, the brick comprehensive office which was centers, etc. can be inspected. The oldest apartment made of reinforced concrete in Japan etc. that were built in 1916 can also be seen from an inspection passage.
In 2015, it was registered formally as world’s cultural heritage as “Sites of the Meiji Industrial Revolution”.

The landing condition to the island that Nagasaki-shi establishes is with less than 0.5 meters of high wave, and the marine wind velocity is less than 5 meters, and view becomes higher than 500 meters.
The day which fulfills the above conditions is said to be about 100 days at every year. It is dependent on fate whether you can land or not.

A Gunkanjima landing cruise and round tour tour are very popular. In a tourist season, it is recommended that you make a reservation early.


Name:Gunkanjima (Hashima) Island
Address:Takashimamachi Nagasaki, Nagasaki 851-1315 Japan
Access:Many landing tours have been organized and offered to tourists by various Tour Providers.
Please check official site.
Tel:(+81) 95-829-1152 (Nagasaki-shi Tourism Office)
Price:Please check official site.
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