Hamanoura no Tanada, Saga

The place name “Hamanoura” seems to originate from this region’s distinctive landscape, steeply sloping coast, loose hill, village with bay. Hamanoura no Tanada has been built in eroded valley shaped by Hamanoura River which flows into the coast of Hamanoura. It was selected as one of the Top 100 Terraced Paddy Fields of Japan in 1999. The time when the scenery of Hamanoura no Tanada looks most attractive is the rice planting season. At dusk the water stretched in the terraced paddy field reflects the sunset and becomes a fantastic scenery.


Tanada, it is one of the beautiful scenery of Japan. You will be fascinated with the state that the rice field on the face of the mountain spread out overlapping each other. Beautiful Tanada is disappearing little by little from Japan because of the local depopulation and problems such as the aging.



Tanada is terraced rice fields located on not flat area. It can be seen around mountainous areas in many large Asian region.
“Hamanoura no Tanada” has an area of about 11.5ha, and has large and small 283 sheets of rice fields in that area.
Like stairs to run up from the shore, the rice field of 283 pieces of big things and small things being piled up shows various expressions by a season.

The Japanese rice brand “Koshihikari” is almost grown in this kind of fields, and rice-planting begin from mid-April and end in early May.



When the westering sun sinking toward the horizon, an edge of Tanada gradually gets dark, in addition, the surface of the water reflects light and whitens.
The figure is like a suibokuga (Japanese ink-wash painting) totally created in red and black.
During this time , the sun sinking to the horizon dyed sea and paddies in orange , geometric pattern of footpath will delight our eyes.


Go Uryu

In addition, this is also a “holy land of lover” which is chosen as a romantic place suitable for the proposal, and many couples visit. Hamanoura no Tanada, a magnificent view reflecting the change of nature like a mirror. Why don’t you find a new encounter in that place called “holy land of lover” certified in “Lovers’ sacred site project”?



Name:Hamanoura no Tanada
Adresse:Hamanoura Higashimatsuuragun Genkaicho, Saga 847-1433 Japan
Access:JR Karatsu-sen Line “Karatsu-eki Station” (35 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 955-51-3007 (Genkai Town Regional Development Section)
Official site:http://www.town.genkai.saga.jp/

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