Henna Hotel, Nagasaki

This seems to be “the hotel to pursue ultimate productivity” born in Huis Ten Bosch site. It is the front desk in the left hand to be fascinated when you enter this hotel. Three robots meet hotel guests there.


There are two dinosaur robot “Mirai-kun (futures)” next to the robot of the woman. This robot talks in the voice of the man. English seems to support, too.



It is said that as a means of reducing personnel costs to normal a quarter, the robot into the duties such as the front desk or the porter are introduced.


The following is the extract of the concept from the official site.

Excitement meets comfort. Introducing state-of-the-art technologies, Henn na Hotel is the world-first hotel staffed by robots.

At the front desk, you will be greeted by multi-lingual robots that will help you check in or check out. At the cloakroom, the robotic arm will store your luggage for you, and the porter robots will carry them to your room (only available in A Wing). Mechanic yet somehow human, those fun moments with the robots will warm your heart. Furthermore, once you register your face with our face recognition system, you will be free from the hassle of carrying the room key around or worrying about losing it.

One of the definitions of the Japanese word “Henn” is “to change,” which represents our commitment for evolution in striving for the extraordinary sensation and comfort that lies beyond the ordinary.

Staying at Henn na Hotel is filled with unexpected and delightful surprises. The unique experience will take our guests one step into the future.




Adresse:Huis Ten Bosch-cho 6-5, Sasebo-city, Nagasaki 859-3292
Official site:http://www.h-n-h.jp/

日本, 〒859-3292 長崎県 佐世保市ハウステンボス町6-5

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