Himiko – Tokyo Bay Cruise

“Himiko” is water-bus connecting Asakusa known as a famous tourist spot and Odaiba, Toyosu. You will probably think of traveling by water as expensive, but this is very reasonable prices. Moving by water-bus is not only you can enjoy unusual scenery of Tokyo, also you feel a delicious breeze.



I am sure that it will become a great memory for you if you use Himiko.
Himiko was designed by well known comic writer Matsumoto Reiji, and has the appearance, such as the spacecraft using a metallic material.



You can take pictures with the cartoon characters of “Galaxy Express 999” inside of the ship.



The required time is approximately 50 minutes from Asakusa to the Hinode-sanbashi (pier), approximately 40 minutes to Odaiba. It takes more time than a train, but you arrive without worrying about time while exploring inboard, looking at the outside of the ship, and hear an announcement. There is new discovery and is fun as for looking at cityscape of Asakusa from a ship



The Himiko has already been famous for years in the Sumida River, in fact the ship which Reiji Matsumoto designed newly came up. That is “The Hotaruna”. The futuristic design reminiscent of a spaceship like Himiko, and the promenade deck which there was not set up to Himiko, so you can look in all directions outside of the ship.




Name:Himiko - TOKYO CRUISE
Adresse:Toyosu2-4, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0061
Official site:http://www.suijobus.co.jp/ship/himiko/

日本, 〒135-0061 東京都江東区豊洲2丁目4

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