Hiroshima-jo Castle, Hiroshima

The starting point of the town in Hiroshima — it is no exaggeration to say that it is in the Hiroshima-jo castle.
The town of Hiroshima prospered very much as a castle town of Hiroshima-jo Castle since Hiroshima-jo Castle was born in the last stage of the Age of Civil Wars approximately 400 years ago.
Hiroshima is the typical city which developed as a modern castle town.


The Hiroshima-jo Castle is representative of the initial modern castles with Osaka-jo Castle and Okayama-jo Castle. According to “Memorandum of Hiroshima Domain” written in the middle of Edo era, it is said that the three-fold and 5-fold main tower group, and 88 sets of the towers, which are proud of the most numerous in the castle of Japan, were built in the vast inside of the castle of about 900,000 square meters of width.
The large castle tower founded by Terumoto MORI was the old main tower which ranks next to the Okayama-jo Castle, until collapses by an atomic bombing of 1945


The value as the historic relics of the Hiroshima-jo castle was also evaluated, and the castle tower was designated as the national treasure in 1931.
The buildings remained since the Edo period in those days is the castle tower, part of the rear gate, the center gate, the front gate, the one-storey turret, the Tamonyagura (hall turrets) of the Ninomaru (second bailey), the Taiko yagura (drum turret).


However, the castle tower of Hiroshima-jo Castle collapsed, and the gate and the oar were destroyed by fire, and all the buildings in the castle were destroyed by the atomic bombing of August 6, 1945.


The current castle tower restored the appearance as part of a Hiroshima revival Great Exhibition having been held to convey revival of Hiroshima in 1958 inside and out. Now, the inside is the historical museum introduced focusing on samurai culture.
In 2006, Hiroshima-jo Castle was chosen one of the “Nihon 100 meijo” (top 100 castles in Japan).



Name:Hiroshima-jo Castle
Address:Motomachi 21-1Hiroshima Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730-0011 Japan
Access:JR Sanyo-honsen Line “Shinhakushima-eki” station (17 minutes walk)
Price:370 yen (Adult)
180 yen (High school students)
Free (Before Junior high school enrollment)
Official site:http://www.rijo-castle.jp/

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