Hita Gion Matsuri Festival, Oita

Hita Gion Matsuri Festival is held in the “Mameda”, “Kuma” and “Takeda” districts of Hita City, Oita Prefecture, on Saturdays and Sundays of past July 20th every year.
It is “a sacred ceremony people pray for greater purification” of the Yasaka Shrine and the Takeda Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine. It is one of the festivals which modeled on the Gion festival of Kyoto.
In 1996, it was received the designation “Country Designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Asset” as “Hita Gion Festival’s Hikiyama Float Parade”.


It is proud of the tradition of about 300 years, and is said to have started as charm against misfortunes of summer. The gorgeous festival cars of 6 meters to 10 meters in height, touring the town along with the sound of “Gion bayashi” (Japanese orchestra of Gion Festival). In the evening, the elegant festival cars that also lighting up appeared, and the festival celebrated its climax.


Nine decorated floats will be gathered on July 20, “Yamahoko Kaomise (face-showing ceremony of the decorated floats)” is a must-see. From the time of twilight, all the decorated floats begins to gather and the performance of decorated floats of the year is announced. After sunset, the fantastic festival floats with the paper lantern in the night sky, and the appearance side by side is spectacular.


On the day of the Gion Festival of Saturdays and Sundays, the festival floats cruise from the afternoon to the night in two areas of the Kuma, Takeda area and the Mameda area. In each area, beautiful festival floats that light up are gathered together.


Hita Gion Matsuri Festival dyes Hita City into a “festival” color. It is a place which many persons gather and emits the Power. The genuine summer festival has such power. Hita Gion Matsuri Festival is such a real festival.



Name:Hita Gion Matsuri Festival
Address:Kuma 2-7-10 Hita, Oita 877-0044 Japan
Access:JR Kyudai-honsen Line “Hita-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 973-22-2036 (Hita City Tourism Association)
Official site:https://www.oidehita.com/

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