Hita Yakata-bune (Roofed Pleasure Boat), Oita

“Hita Yakata-bune” (The roofed pleasure boat), which proud of the traditional history of 200 years, is admired together with the Nagara River in the whole country. it is one of the feature of Hita Onsen town where you can relaxedly have a delicious dish on the Yakata-bune which floated in the Mikuma River.



The figure that more than 40 boats of Yakata-bune float on the surface of a river becomes a feature of Hita for a long time.



In addition, the cormorant-fishing is carried out from May to October, you can fully enjoy emotion of riverside district Hita.



It is said that sailing of Yakata-bune was pleasure of the Daimyo in the old days. It is a recommended spot offering a gourmet and the charming of Hita, even if you visit here for one day trip.



The Mikuma River changes the figure by a season. The summertime for cool air, a snow-see viewing ship and many Yakata-bune march out in winter.



Name:Hita Yakata-bune (Roofed Pleasure Boat)
Adresse:Kuma 1-3-15 Hita-city, Oita 877-0044 Japan
Access:JR Kyudai-honsen line "Hita-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)973-22-2062 (Hita City Hot Spring Inns Association)
Price:Approximately 3,150 yen (not include a meal)
Official site:http://www.hita-onsen.com/yakatabune.html

日本, 〒877-0044 大分県日田市隈1丁目3−15

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