Hitsujiyama Park, Saitama

Hitsujiyama Park in Omiya, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture is the most famous sightseeing spot in Chichibu, known as “Ground Pink Hill”. “Ground Pink Hill” using the mountain foot from Mt. Buko, which is said to be the symbol of Chichibu, is located in the south part of Hitsujiyama Park. There’re several ups and downs in the hill, it is beautiful even if you see it from the top of the hill or from the bottom, you can enjoy the scenery of the flower three-dimensionally on the slope.


Hitsujiyama Park is characterized by being designed and planting more than 400,000 moss grasses of 9 types on a vast site of about 17,600 square meters. Looking at the hill from the east side, it is the design that imagined the red and white undergarment pattern of hayashite (people performing the accompaniment with traditional Japanese instruments) and the feeling of dynamism, which is riding in Kasahoko of the Chichibu night festival.


Hitsujiyama Park’s greatest highlight is the splendid beauty of the “Flower Bed” and the “Patchwork Hill”.
In addition, during the flowering period of ground pink, “Chichibu Road special product market” will be held at a special venue next to “Ground Pink Hill”. In the special product market, agricultural products and souvenir shops in Chichibu City are in alignment. It is also attractive to be able to taste local dish, such as “Miso Potato”, hand-made soba, Okkirikomi etc.


The flowering condition of ground pink is also affected by the weather, but the whole “Ground Pink Hill” begins to gather in a flower color is around mid-April in the year. The best time to see is the Spring Vacation in early May.


Around the background of Chichibu’s famous peak Mt. Buko, the spacious and beautiful ground pink that is designed and carefully preserved is worth a visit.



Name:Hitsujiyama Park
Address:Omiya 6360 Chichibu, Saitama 368-0023 Japan
Access:Seibutetsudo Chichibu-sen Line “Seibu Chichibu-eki Station” (19 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 494-21-2277 (Chichibu Tourism Association)
* Entrance fee is required during the “Ground Pink Festival”.
300 yen (Adult)
Free (Under Junior High School Students)
Official site:http://www.chichibuji.gr.jp/

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