Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, Hokkaido

The Hokkaido Jingu Shrine is the shrine built in 1869 in order to consider it as the development of exploitation of Hokkaido, and the strong standpoint of exploitation people. In Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, Okunitama no kami is enshrined as one of the three kami of land reclamation, along with Onamuji no kami (Okuninushi no kami) and Sukunabikona no kami. It is the shrine which the Hokkaido people are familiar with, and the number of worship of the New Year’s visit to a Shinto shrine is the best among this area. Moreover, it is known also to the famous place of the cherry tree, and is crowded with many people at the season of cherry blossom viewing.


In order to advance inland exploitation in early stages of Meiji Era, it was decided to move the base of the administration of Hokkaido from Hakodate to Sapporo. However, cultivation in the intense cold ground reached to an extreme of difficulty. The origin of the Hokkaido Jingu Shrine was erected for people who challenge exploitation in strange land.


In Hokkaido Jingu Shrine, it is said that “Kaitaku-jinja Shrine” is also regarded as having divine favor in luck with money, and work luck. A sacred atmosphere drifts and a feeling settles down there. If you need luck with money and work luck, how about dropping in by all means?


In the precincts, Someiyoshino (Prunus yedoensis), Ezoyamazakura (Prunus sargentii), Shidare cherry (a variety of cherry tree with drooping branches) new in Hokkaido can also be seen. In addition, it is famous as the spot that can look at a cherry tree and the plum at the same time. There is also a stall during the period of cherry blossom viewing. Because the rows of cherry blossom trees in full blossom are the best part, please come once in the season of cherry blossoms!


June, when the “annual festival of Hokkaido Jingu Shrine” is performed, is the time when the fresh early summer of northern countries can be enjoyed fully. The cool fresh green is full of the precincts of the major shrine, and the miniature shrine is seen in the city, too. You can go and worship at “Golden Week” (early-May holiday season in Japan) in a plum and a cherry tree, and in the whole place covered with snow at the winter.



Name:Hokkaido Jingu Shrine
Address:Miyagaoka 474 Sapporo Chuo-ku, Hokkaido 064-0959 Japan
Access:Sapporo Municipal Subway Tozai-sen Line “Maruyama-koen-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Official site:http://www.hokkaidojingu.or.jp/

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