Hori Teien Garden, Shimane

Tsuwano-machi, Shimane prefecture called “Little Kyoto of Sanin Region”. In autumn, on Tonomachi Street which leaves the old stays of the castle town, the ginkgo trees turn colorful to yellow. Also, the area around the torii of the stone steps to Taikodani Inari-jinja Shrine and the Tsuwano-jo Castle Ruins are also decorated with beautiful autumn leaves and crowded with many tourists. Such a nice autumn Tsuwano town. There is a scenic spot of autumn leaves also in a place slightly away from the center of the town.


The Hori Teien Garden is the Chisen-kaiyushiki-teien style (a stroke-style garden around a big pond) which was made by taking in the landscape of the backyard skillfully. This is the masterpiece of Mr. Hori who prospered in the management of Iwami Copper Mine during the Edo period and dominated the tenryo (the shogunal demesne). There is a history of 300 years here, and in 2005 it was designated as national designated scenic spot. Although it is a rustic garden, there are plentiful trees that show different faces every seasons, and you can enjoy a fantastic scene throughout the year.


Everything is a beautiful Hori Teien Garden as a magnificent scenery of autumn leaves, but the most recommended one is the view from the second floor of a shrine-built guest house “Rakuzanso”. The autumnal leaves of the garden that are visible from the quaint interior through the shoji (sliding screen) are truly spectacular and impress the viewers. The corridor that looks down at the autumn leaves garden in front is especially popular, and many people are taking pictures against the background of the scenery.


After enjoying the view from the guest house “Rakuzanso” enough, let’s go out to the garden. It is possible to go around the surrounding of the pond and you can enjoy the autumn leaves of the mountain from various angles, together with the beauty of the garden.


In the view from the top, you can see that the red leaves which were bright red also become a gradation of autumn leaves from green to red when looking up from the bottom. It shows various ways to entertain visitors’ eyes.



Name:Hori Teien Garden
Address:Muraki 795 Kanoashigun Tsuwanocho, Shimane 699-5622 Japan
Access:JR Yamaguchi-sen Line “Tsuwano-eki Station” (24 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 856-72-0010
Price/Charge:500 yen (Adult)
300 yen (High School Students or Under)
200 yen (Elementary School Kids or Under)
Official site:http://www.tsuwano.net/

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