Hotel Iya Onsen (Hot Spring), Tokushima

“Iya Onsen” located in Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima is the hot spring which is famous as one of the Japan’s three biggest unexplored hot spring with Niseko Yakushi Onsen of Hokkaido, Yachi Onsen of Aomori. It is called unexplored hot springs and it is not so easy to go. However, there is one and only hot spring hotel which is worth going specially.

The Iya Onsen is in the place for about 30 minutes by car from nearby the Ohboke station. The Iya Onsen has a free transportation service from the station to the hotel for their guests. From a station, a mountain path is gone up intently. Although it comes out to the area where a hotel and a residence spread on the way, the destination is still the point.

In fact, there is no open-air bath, which you expect, inside a hall. You need to ride on the cable car and to go into the bottom of the valley under about 170 meters from the hotel.
The inclination of the cable car is 42 degrees. The unparalleled view from a big window heaps up expectation.

The outdoor bath of the luxurious view which was made to protrude to the Iya Valley. The voice of a bird or an insect and the little stream of a river relieve the tiring heart. The wind blowing through the ravine touches to the skin burning with fever gently.

Day-use bathing can also be performed till 18:00. The hotel guest can enjoy an outdoor bath until 21:00 (as for the winter season 19:00). Let’s enjoy hot spring relaxedly while looking at a shadow of shaking trees and starlit sky.


Name:Hotel Iya Onsen (Hot Spring)
Address:Ikedachomatsuo(iyaonsen、matsumoto367-28) Miyoshi, Tokushima 778-0165 Japan
Access:JR Dosan-sen Line “Ohboke-eki Station” (30 minutes by car)
Price:“Accomodation reservations” or “Day-use reservations” are available.
Please refer to official site
Official site:

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