Hybrid Leisure Land TOBU ZOO, Saitama

Hybrid Leisure Land TOBU ZOO is a theme park with a zoo and an amusement park. You can also enjoy a swimming pool and fireworks in the summer, and illumination in the winter. About 2,000 fireworks will be launched in the summer fireworks illusion. At the zoo you can meet 1,200 animals of 120 species such as the powerful white tiger. You can also see the very popular penguins in the immediate vicinity. Events that interact with animals are also substantial. In the amusement park, the world’s first wooden coaster “Regina”, including the Ferris wheel and small ride vehicles for children are enriched.


Located on the west side of the park is a zoo, with about 120 species of 1,200 animals living. The zoo is divided into four areas. In “Wakuwaku Street” there are cranes, “Dog Village”, and in “Dokidoki Street” includes popular white tiger, lion, African elephant, penguin and so on.


In “Honobono Street”, giraffe, white rhino, zebra etc. are raised, and in “African savanna” such as lesser panda, capybara, American bison, and others. Also, at “Fureai Animals Forest” you can play with about 20 kinds of animals such as pony riding corner, alpaca farm, kangaroo step, forest contact center house.


There are about 30 kinds of attractions in the amusement park located on the east side of the park, divided into three areas: “Liberty land”, “Pleasure land”, “Heartfull land”. You can enjoy popular screaming attractions such as wooden roller coaster “Regina”, water roller coasters “Kawasemi” (Kingfisher) and “Galaxy Walkers”. You can also enjoy a variety of Mellow-type attractions such as the Ferris wheel “Emma’s Windmill of Cheese”.


In “Winter Illumination” for winter only, you can enjoy the production of various lights in each area. Also, with huge LED vision, two types of light shows are held, “Rhythmination” where light dances to music and fantastic story “Short Film of Light “. You can enjoy live illumination by music, video and light.



Name:Hybrid Leisure Land TOBU ZOO
Address:110 Suka, Miyashiro-machi, Minamisaitama-gun, Saitama 345-0831 Japan
Access:Tobu Skytree Line “Tobu Dobutsu Koen-eki” Station (12 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 480-93-1200
Price/Charge:Please refer the official web page.
Official site:http://www.tobuzoo.com/

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