Icicles of Misotsuchi, Saitama

The “Icicles of Misotsuchi” is one of Chichibu ‘s three largest icicles and is a huge natural icicles in the Arakawa riverbed of Otaki, Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture. Of the icicles, the big ones are 10 meters tall and 50 meters wide, and there are natural icicles and artificially created icicles .
In the evening, the icicles are lighted up, it becomes a fantastic sight and it is crowded with many people. The “Otaki Ice Festival” is held every year from the beginning of January to the middle of February, and during a period serves as best time to see of icicles .


Chichibu has three places where you can see a huge Icicles, including the “Icicles of Misotsuchi”. They are called Chichibu Three Major Icicles.


Moreover, while watching the icicles, you can also enjoy Chichibu specialty products and special goods. Recommendations are “Amazake” (sweet mild sake) which the body gets warm in cold winter, and hot “Miso potato” fried.


Water drips from the top of the cliff and a cold ice cold in the winter forms a huge ice pillar. There are two kinds of Icicles of Misotsuchi: a natural ice column and an ice pillar created with human hands.


It is very beautiful unlike the atmosphere of daytime when it is lighted up. Each time the color of the light up changes, the atmosphere of the place changes and you can see the mysterious sight.
“icicles” shine and its appearance is reflected in the river. And they show a breathtaking appearance.



Name:Icicles of Misotsuchi
Address:Otaki 4066 Chichibu, Saitama 369-1901 Japan
Access:Chichibu Tetsudou-sen Line “Mitsumineguchi-eki Station” (20 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 494-55-0707 (Chichibu Tourism Association)
Official site:https://navi.city.chichibu.lg.jp/

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